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Mercedes-AMG GT3 Edition 55 race car celebrates 55 years of AMG

Only five of the special AMG GT race cars will be made

This is the Mercedes-AMG GT3 Edition 55, and it’s a limited-run AMG GT race car that looks like it belonged in the scrum of other limited-production vehicles just revealed at Monterey Car Week. Mercedes is only producing five of these Edition 55 race cars, and there are a number of things that set them apart from a regular AMG GT GT3 car.

For starters, this vehicle isn’t FIA homologated, so it doesn’t need to adhere to restrictions. That means the 6.3-liter V8 under hood delivers 100 horsepower more than the regulations-meeting version, bringing total power output to a mighty 650 horsepower. Mercedes-AMG also removes the silencer from the Inconel exhaust, which means this AMG GT is going to be appropriately louder with its extra power.

The exterior is finished in a unique Manufaktur Alpine Grey Uni and features red accents along with visible matte-finished carbon fiber all over it. You’ll notice the 55-year anniversary logo (for 55 years of AMG) on the rear wing, and the Affalterbach crest is painted on the doors.

On the inside, the Edition 55 features a special, visible chassis paint finish in Anthracite metallic matte paint. The seats are adorned with special embroidery of the anniversary symbol. Plus, an “Edition 55 - 1 of 5” plaque can be found on the center console and seats. The seatbelts are finished with silver accents. And lastly, the data display unit is an upgraded Bosch part that features a 55-year anniversary logo when it boots up as you turn the car on.

All of this can be had for the price of 625,000 euros. Converted to U.S. dollars at today’s exchange rates, that’s just over $624,000. Included in that price, Mercedes throws in a fitted car cover with the 55 anniversary logo and a special IWC Schaffhausen watch that features your specific car’s chassis number engraved on the back of the watch case.

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