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Signs the Car Next to You Has a Distracted Driver

How many times have you passed a car and glanced over to find the driver looking into their lap? Unfortunately, it's extremely harmful and quite prevalent. According to estimates, using a cell phone while driving contributes to over 1.6 million accidents annually. Although this statistic may be shocking, a driver can be distracted in other ways besides using a cell phone. Here are a few ways to determine whether a driver in your vicinity is inattentive and how to avoid them.

The Glow of a Cell Phone at Night/Looking at Lap

As previously mentioned, there's a good likelihood someone is using their cell phone while driving if you notice them gazing down into their lap or with their head dipped. Another indication that someone is using a cell phone while driving at night is if their face is lit up. Even though computerized dashboards are widely used today, the glow from a cell phone plus the inclination for drivers to look down instead of ahead make it obvious whether or not they are distracted.


One of the more prevalent types of driving while distracted is eating. Everyone has experienced lengthy drives and hurried mornings when stopping for fast food or coffee is the easiest option for nutrition. However, eating while driving can be quite risky. For someone to cut you off, a youngster to pursue a ball, or any other impediment to present itself and affect your life forever, you only need to look away from the road for a short second. It is simply not worth it to divide your focus between driving safety and eating.

Although there is a new legislation prohibiting eating while driving, you can still be stopped and given a ticket if you are swerving or driving recklessly while eating. You will be responsible if you have an accident while eating. Therefore, attempt to avoid them safely if you observe someone eating or carrying a wrapper while driving.

Personal Interactions

Drivers who talk to their passengers more frequently than they pay attention to the road might be highly risky. If someone is gesturing erratically, they might be having a disagreement with another driver or passenger. If someone is turning around a lot, they might be reprimanding a child or looking for something they dropped. A motorist may become distracted by any variety of items within their car, even for a little period of time. It is important to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle if the driver's posture suggests they are not entirely focused on the road in front of them.

Bent Over Posture

You can tell a driver is really distracted if they are driving close to you and leaning forward to look at their dashboard, stooping over to adjust their chair, trying to light a cigarette, or looking in their center console or touch screen. You don't need to be nearby while they seek because you never know when they'll find what they're looking for.

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